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Portable laser engraver workstation

Portable laser engraver workstation

Elevates your laser engraver and provides repatable positiong of work.

Completly eliminate framing.

Always reference your work from X Y -0 point.

Unleash the Engraver: Introducing the Multi Level Laser Table!

Ever feel trapped by your work surface, your laser yearning to soar beyond its tiny confines? Say hello to the Multi Level Laser Table, the multi-level engraver stand that shatters size limitations and unlocks your creative freedom!

Here's why you'll ditch that desk and embrace the Portable Powerhouse:

  • Level Up Your Engraving: Elevate your laser to towering heights (well, at least off the waist board), opening up a vast canvas for projects of any size. From delicate engravings to epic murals, conquer them all!
  • Precision on Point: No more squinting or framing! The built-in waist board boasts laser-sharp X and Y references with guiding rails. Align your projects perfectly, every time.
  • CNC to Engraved Masterpiece: Seamlessly transform your CNC cuts into engraved masterpieces. The Portable Powerhouse bridges the gap, turning raw materials into breathtaking creations.
  • Portable Perfection: Unleash your creative nomad! This compact stand lets you engrave anywhere, anytime. From park benches to kitchen tables, your workshop expands to the world.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Craft stunning signs that tower over doorways.
  • Personalize glasses and mugs with intricate designs, no matter the size.
  • Create unique gifts that stand out in a crowd.
  • Turn your laser into a money-making machine by taking on larger projects.

The Multi Level Laser Table isn't just a stand; it's a gateway to a whole new level of engraving. Stop settling for limitations. Grab yours today and watch your creativity take flight!

  • What's Included

    Base Board 

    4 legs with five deferent elevations. Waist board whith alighnment holes and grid. 2 corner alighnment rails. 8 alighnment rails 50mm each. 4 attach point bolts

    Laser engraver not included



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